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Surrender to Life: Intuition is Key by Nancy Clairmont Carr

my life is my message- surrenderSurrender to Life

Your Secret Weapon

Many voices recently have been talking about my favorite word- Surrender. 

1) Kathleen Hanagan discusses how surrender creates happiness:

In the course of my work with thousands of people over 30 years, I have come to make a very significant observation:  the people who become adept at surrender are far happier than those who don’t. What gets in the way?  Needing to be right, feeling offended, insulted, wanting to get even, and countless other expressions of the primitive survival ego….To be resigned is unwillingly giving in to a greater power, while surrender is letting go of the need to have power over another. “

2) Michael Singer shares how life guides him in his new book The Surrender Experimenteinstein uses intuition to surrender

“Surrender- what an amazingly powerful word. It often engenders the thought of weakness and cowardice.  In my case it required all the strength I had to be brave enough to the invisible, to the unknown… It’s not that surrender gave me clarity about where I was going- I had no idea where it would lead me.  But surrender did give me clarity in one essential area: my personal preferences of like and dislike were not going to guide my life.  By surrendering the hold those powerful forces had on me, I was allowing my life to be guided by a much more powerful force, life itself. “

3) Ipek Serifsoy from Deep Coaching Institute  expresses how it supports flow:

flowing through life when we surrender… I was especially struck by the concept and experience of how the ego knows itself through efforting while resisting what it cannot control. In juxtaposing two very different orientations to life, …our habitual egoic patterns take us away from presence and into reaction and suffering. There is an alternate possibility: Surrendering…. we’re not becoming a couch potato or waving a white flag. Instead we’re allowing the flow of life. We’re acknowledging our evolutionary nature and realizing that most of what we think we can control is really an illusion.” 

Let Go of Ego and Resistance

Is this idea important?  Absolutely. My most powerful memory at the beginning of my journey to higher consciousness and freedom was when I was told I had to learn to surrender to find “joy, abundance and freedom” (my words).  This idea was the opposite of everything I practiced at the time.  I have since found it is the only real path to freedom.

How can you learn to surrender, to be guided by your higher power, the Universe or life itself?  Let go of ego. It wants to be in control, even though it only knows the past. Release resistance to being guided.  You may be a very bright and experienced leader, but you still don’t know the future.  But your Higher Self does.  Ask and wait for the answer through intuition.  You will receive the most powerful, perfect answer in perfect timing. Your Higher Self always know more than your brain/ego. Surrender to your Higher Self for your secret weapon in life!

Be present and mindful, and trust what you hear, see, feel and know inside. Then you can then reach a higher consciousness, develop the most powerful expression of yourself and make the impact you were designed to make.

Surrender to fully illuminate the world with your gifts.

 Contact me for a Free 20-minute consult to learn more about surrender and how you can find joy, abundance and freedom,.

To your secret weapon,

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Surrender to Life: Intuition is Key

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Personal Transformation- 5 Powerful Tips by Nancy Clairmont Carr


personal transformation Personal Transformation- 5 Powerful Tips

Personal transformation develops, expands and optimizes the gifts we receive at birth. As a transformation expert, I have helped many people optimize their life. The following tips were developed from this experience. They will help create sustainable, optimized change in your business, total health and relationships.  When you transform one area, all areas are uplifted.

1.Clarity. Have a clearly stated intention. You can grow, change or expand any way you desire. We are unlimited beings with a natural desire for expansion and expression. Intention includes defining the desired outcome in detail including how you want to feel about the change. Once you are very clear on what you want to do, be, have and feel, you can define your strategy for your personal transformation.

personal transformation with energy wrok

Use energy work for belief change and personal transformation

2.Alignment   Ensure your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned with your intention.Permanent mindset change and energy field alignment is required to create and maintain new paradigms. The most efficient approach to do this is to energetically change your beliefs, replacing outdated ones with more supportive ones . This will naturally change your thoughts, feelings and actions. Energy work is the most effective way to create this alignment. However, there are other approaches that support this outcome.

From early cave man days, we have had to deal with fight or flight and maintain vigilance for survival. It is normal to have negative thoughts because of this built-in self-preservation strategy.To counteract this predisposition, become mindful of and release your non-supportive thoughts and feelings. It is not always easy to do this because of our native tendencies.

feel good for personal transformation

Choosing positive emotions supports personal transformation

There are strategies you can pursue to support this positive feeling state. The book “The Confidence Gap” by Russ Harris will provide many ways to capture and release repeated negative thinking and feelings. Another way to maintain feeling good is to notice when you receive or give a form of kindness or abundance. The appreciation we feel brings more to appreciate. Whatever you can do to maintain positive feelings is worth it, as feeling good is a critical element in attracting to you that which you desire.

3.Focus.Maintain a singular focus on your intention to attract the universal energy and solutions you would not manifest otherwise. We attract what we predominantly focus on. When laying out your strategies to accomplish your intention, choose only those that support this intention.

focus for personal transformation

Personal transformation requires singular focus

Say no to everything else. With all that distracts us, this can be a daunting task. For every distraction that tempts you, ask yourself if it leads to your desired outcome in the most efficient way. While this requires strong personal leadership and discipline, it wil save you time, energy and resources you can put towards what is really important to you. If you want to read more about how to do this read my blog,  “Manifest with Speed and Ease“.

4. Sustainability. Integrate your desires from each key area into your life model so you don’t burn out. Consider a 5 pillars of health approach- Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances-each as an extension of your core beliefs. This requirement for integration of all personal needs stems from experience and established research. Hard work alone is not sustainable over the long term. Perhaps short periods of extreme focus at the exclusion of everything else is possible.

personal transformation requires balance

Integrate desires in all areas for sustained personal transformation

However, maintaining health in all key areas gives you more energy, clear thinking and access to thoughts and ideas not available with constant fatigue and burnout. Research supports that consistent high-performance individuals live sustainably. One of my favorite books supporting and explaining this in depth, along with the habits required for sustainable excellence is “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard. It is currently available as an audiobook free of charge on Itunes.

5. Remove energetic interference. We are connected to everyone and everything in the quantum field. If you want to manifest intentions quickly and effortlessly, remove the collective interference in your energy field. Over 35% of success blocks, stuck energy and outdated beliefs show up in your DNA at birth. Most of the remaining energetic interference develops in the first 9 years of our life. This cumulative interference shapes our behavior throughout life unless cleared.

personal transformation through energy clearing

Release obstacles to success with energy clearing for sustained personal transformation

Removing energetic interference is done most effectively with energy work. Like many people, I have studied and implemented massive amounts of self-help books, worked with coaches, went to conferences and programs in the name of personal growth and transformation. It was only when I began using and then becoming an expert in energy work that I manifested my intentions over 60% faster on average than without it, and with much less effort. 

Energy clearing and healing releases encumbrances on us that are not possible to release in any other way. It permanently resets our mind and realigns our energy field. This strategy is a comprehensive solution to permanent change, unlike the tactical shifts we make with habit or behavior changes. Since we have infinite potential, the energy healing and clearing work is never complete. As we heal ourselves in this process we also heal the collective, which increases the vibration and consciousness of humanity. Employing energy clearing and creating energy shifts empowers us to manifest quickly with little effort.

Get clear, become aligned, maintain focus, live with an integrated approach and remove energetic interference from your field.  If you are unfamiliar with the permanent and rapid transformation possible with an expert energy practitioner, check out these growth experiences

To begin your own personal transformation, join our “Quantum Manifesting- Group Energy Coaching Program” -for achievers ( business owners, sales executives or senior management) who want to make a quantum leap NOW. It’s a 12 month program that starts May 7, 2018 with a significant bonus for registering by Friday, April 13, 2018.  Transforming your business results energetically impacts all areas of your life positively.Contact me for details about this and other individual personal transformation programs. 

To learn more about this information, contact me for a Free 20-minute consult.  

Start your transformation today

To your growth,

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Personal Transformation- 5 Powerful Tips

Friday, 9 March 2018

Manifest with Speed and Ease by Nancy Clairmont Carr


manifest with speed and ease

Manifest with Speed and Ease

Do you believe “Hard work is required for success?” How is that working for you?  Would you like to manifest your goals with speed, ease and energy to spare?

Manifesting more income, a healthier lifestyle or loving relationships is a process of asking for, creating and allowing it to happen.  Each step can be effortless. The following explanation of each step will help you understand how you can manifest more quickly and with less effort.

image of an eye for manifest with speed and ease

Visualize Your Intention

Focus your intention

Begin the process with a clear, specific intention of what you want to manifest. Remember you are creating your reality, so it doesn’t matter if it is not in existence yet. Visualize in great detail your desired results consistently from beginning to end. See the end result and feel the emotions in all your senses of having manifested what you want. If it takes a while to manifest, don’t give up. Have faith that what you are asking for will materialize. If joy or happiness is what you want to feel from your results, choose and maintain that feeling now.  We attract what we predominantly feel, so use your emotions as your GPS along the way.  Practice positive conscious language, removing all negative thoughts feelings and words.

Believe and surrender the “how”

Let go of the need to already know how to make it happen.  Know that it will and let go of your attachment to the outcome altogether. Your brain knows only the past. Access the infinite solutions available through intuition and higher guidance. This provides the optimum strategy to manifest your intention.

It requires getting quiet to hear, feel, know or see the answers. Take a walk in nature, meditate, sit quietly and breathe, ask for guidance from your higher power, access your higher consciousness. The more you ask your non-physical support for help, the more help you will receive. The answers show up in the most unusual ways if you are open to them.

for manifest with speed and ease

Get quiet and connect with your Higher Self

Thomas Edison used to sit in a chair with a silver bead in his hands and a silver bowl underneath them. He would relax and ask for what he wanted. As he drifted off to sleep, his hands would open and the silver beads would drop in the bowl.  This would awaken him and the solutions would come to him. Taking time to quiet your mind gives you a chance to receive the answers you seek.

Remove interference to allow 

energy healing to manifest with speed and ease

Energy healing helps manifest effortlessly

Beliefs determine thoughts, feelings, actions and results. Most beliefs are inherited and firmly lodged in our energy field. Eliminate dominant unsupportive beliefs and release other resistance to manifest effortlessly. Using energy healing and clearing strategies is the most efficient way to support this effort. It removes the need for relentless hard work at the cost of balance.

Raising your vibration and creating energetic alignment is key to this strategy. In fact, aligning your beliefs, thoughts, feeling and actions is most critical. Alignment creates a strong attraction field for all that you desire. Listen to how others have removed their success blocks. Read the results of using energy healing for manifesting more income, better health and loving relationships.

As an achiever and creator, your desires never stop flowing. Using efficient strategies to manifest helps you make the largest impact possible.  If you would like help mastering any of these strategies or to learn about our individual Transformational Programs contact me for a Free 20-minute consult.

To create a maximum impact now, join our “Quantum Manifesting Program”- a group energy coaching program for achievers who want to make a quantum leap now.  Contact me for info, start date and to register.

Get clear, ask for help and manifest your dreams! I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Be Joy!

sig of Nancy


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Nancy Clairmont Carr

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Manifest with Speed and Ease

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Great Sleep...The Holy Grail of Health by Nancy Clairmont Carr


picture of man without great sleep

Great sleep is the holy grail of health!

Great sleep is the key

We do a lot to get healthy. We work out, adjust our diets, try to stay hydrated and more. We run fast and live such scheduled lives however, that stress runs high.  In trying to fit it all in, we steal from our nights. This compounds our stress and compromises our health. The one thing we need most to maintain our health is great sleep- the holy grail of health!

Getting enough quality sleep is the single most important indicator of longevity.  Sleep scientist and the world’s top sleep expert Dr. William C Dement of Stanford University has proven it. He has been studying sleep for over 60 years.  The bottom line is as adults we need 8 hours of great sleep every night.

We heal while sleep. Every single cell. Shorting the sleep process even one night negatively affects our brain and body. Matthew Walker, professor of neuroscience and psychology at University of CA, Berkeley describes the damages from sleep deprivation. Wakefulness causes low level brain damage, alzheimer protein builds up and creating new memories is not possible. Physical health damages occur also. Cardiovascular risks of fatal heart attack increase over 200%.  Cancer of the prostate, bowels and breast increases. Virility decreases about 10 years, immunity is lowered, and more.  Our body performs multiple functions during sleep. Our brain requires great sleep too since it works harder at night than during the day.  Our sleep cycles take over 7.5 hours to complete.

Solutions for sleep

So how do we get enough sleep? There are many things we can do to increase our quality and quantity of sleep.  We can wind down at least 1 hour before bed without the use of technology. Or go to bed consistently at the same time.  Insuring your eyes get enough daytime exposure to the sun or a full spectrum light bulb for melatonin production is also required for great sleep.

get great sleep with the naturest sleep system

The Naturest Sleep system provides great sleep!

Have you have tried everything and still haven’t found the holy grail of health? Then consider using the Naturest Sleep system from Nikken. They are a global research and development company that make active wellness products. The Naturest Sleep System promotes relaxation and creates energy by reconnecting us with nature.  Specifically, it uses science to replicate the energies of the earth, sun and air. It reduce stress, calms the body and creates the perfect sleep temperature. It also increases energy flow and helps the body remain in the necessary sleep cycles until it’s time to wake up. It supports everything the body needs to get great sleep. You wake up with full energy, clear thinking and emotions in tact.

Over the last 18 years, I have helped many people achieve profound sleep and health improvements. All with the Nikken Sleep System. In the last month alone, these are some of the results I have witnessed.

  • Mary suffered 35 years of sleep deprivation waking up throughout the night. She was able to sleep through the night within a week using the Naturest Sleep System and is now experiencing great sleep, more energy and vitality.

  • Avery is severely stressed working full time and going to school full time at night and feels achy constantly.  She woke up the first morning with the Naturest Sleep System and said she wasn’t sore like she usually is when she awakens. She also has more energy to support her long day.

  • Three year old Billy delayed sleep as long as possible each nap and night. With his “magic pillow”, he is now sleeping deeply and is calmer and more cooperative and loving during the day.

  • Dave normally makes loud breathing noises at night causing his wife to lose sleep too. With the Nikken sleep products he no longer makes those noises. They now both have more productive energy throughout the day.

Ready to amp up your energy and health?

Great sleep is the ultimate stress reducer and health vitalizer.  By choosing the gift of consistent, rejuvenating sleep we maximize our health and productivity during every waking moment. Think what you could do in those extra moments with clear, calm thinking and an energized body!

For a free consult, email me or call 612.385.3220.  I can help you regain health, more productive time and maximized energy!

To your optimized life,

Nancy Clairmont Carr

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Great Sleep...The Holy Grail of Health

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Life After Emotional Trauma by Nancy Clairmont Carr

couple healed from emotional trauma

Freedom from emotional trauma is possible.

Do you remember a time when you had the carpet pulled out from under you from divorce, a death, job loss, betrayal or some other emotional trauma?  Did you ever completely remove your fear, debilitating feelings and negative emotions from it?

Most of us don’t ever fully move beyond the negative energy associated with emotional trauma. We bury it, become victims of it, sometimes get therapy for it, develop some limiting beliefs around it and maybe grow from it. But mostly, time erases the external effects, and we develop coping skills for the permanent newly trapped emotions.

pidgeon be set free from emotional trauma

Set Yourself Free

Being imprisoned by these feelings doesn’t have to be permanent. In fact freedom and forward movement can happen more quickly than you may realize.  If you have experienced divorce or other emotional trauma at any point in your life, releasing the negative energy around it can be done effectively with energy healing. Removing your negative emotions buried deep within can be the difference between permanent self-doubt or creating a stronger, more authentic self and positive future.

If divorce is new to you and you want help with the process and its gripping emotional trauma, come to our FREE January 24th workshop on Navigating the Pitfalls of Divorce.  My colleague Courtney Schneider, Family Law Attorney with Martin Law, and I will help you understand the process, act with confidence and learn how you can release the fear and paralysis associated with one of life’s most challenging situations.  Register confidentially for the January 24th workshop at Also, send this information to a friend in need whose life you would like to positively impact.

If emotional trauma is somewhere in your past, but you are still trying to deal with the after-effects, act now. I can help you clear your fears, set you free and create joy, freedom and abundance throughout your life.  Contact me at or visit my website

You are awesome, I appreciate you!emotional trauma coach and active wellness distributor nancy Clairmont carr





Nancy Clairmont Carr

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P.S. Space is limited! Register now for the workshop!

Life After Emotional Trauma

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Active Wellness Technology Products by Nancy Clairmont Carr

bicyclists showing active wellnessActive Wellness Lifestyle Through Technology

It’s a great day for all people interested in Active Wellness- healthy, active, energy-filled lifestyles, naturally! Nikken has been developing wellness products with nature’s tri-phase energies- magnetics, far-infrared and negative ions- for over 40 years for this tribe, and is launching two powerful new technology products! For product launch details click here product-launch-nov-2015.


Nikken’s Kenko Touch Active Wellness Device

Nikken’s newest energy technology products include The Kenko Touch, and True Elements Technology Shampoo and Conditioner, both with Tri-Phase technology.  What?  How can Shampoo and Conditioner have magnetic, far-infrared and negative ion technology in them?  Well they do! They provide penetrating hair and scalp treatment, and only Nikken could have possibly figured it out.  The Kenko Touch is a powerful energy mover, relaxer and massager that reduces inflammation, aches and discomfort quickly.  The perfect product for active wellness! One client had his foot bunyonette ache go away in 10 minutes from the Kenko Touch which allowed him to resume jogging. How great is that!

My first product experience 17 years ago with Nikken’s tri-phase sleep system helped me resolve in a month, a sleep challenge I had for over 20 years. I have been using and sharing these active wellness products with thousands of people ever since. The list of positive life-changing product experiences for just about every health condition under the sun from these people fills my computer! Nikken provides energy products that enhance every aspect of your lifestyle- sleep, air, water, nutrition, skin care, personal use products and devices. Over the years, the Kenko Sleep System and pimag living water for active wellnessPiMag Living Water have been extremely influential in giving people their lives back. What could be better than living in a wellness home, office or any environment, where if you sit, stand, exercise, sleep, breathe, drink water or eat you can do it with more energy, completely naturally, without having to change your habits? Not much! Total convenience and life-optimizing.

The reason Nikken and their products are so significant is because a whole population of over age 30 (like my friends and me!) has banded together and are trying to stay young, healthy and extremely active forever.  They are tapping into the support of technology products and strategies that help them participate in “healthy longevity”, as described in the book “The Methuselah Effect” by Patrick Cox. With the help of the Nikken technology products this active wellness tribe can do whatever they choose to do- continue with their iron-man competitions, crawl on the ground with their children or grandchildren, release aches and discomforts from chronic challenges and even create a new business to support passions or retirement!

All this and more will be discussed at the New Product Launch Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 6pm at my home.  Click here for product launch details product-launch-nov-2015.You are all invited to participate whether you live in the Minneapolis, MN area or not. We can connect you to the event either through live Zoom video or welcome you in person to experience and learn about the products, Nikken’s philosophy of the 5 Pillars of Health and the opportunity to share Nikken with others. You will hear the profound product experiences of others, along with hearing Nikken leaders discuss how the products and lifestyle suit the Active Wellness tribe. Come and create your health and life exactly as you want it to be!

transformational coach and active wellness distributor nancy Clairmont carrJoin the excitement! For additional info, contact me or check out my website to learn about the Nikken products and other energy shifting ideas!

You are awesome, I appreciate you!

Nancy Clairmont Carr

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Active Wellness Technology Products

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Transformational coach creates extraordinary lives by Nancy Clairmont Carr

Transformational coach Nancy Clairmont Carr shares her lessons on building her business, The Joy-Effect, in this podcast, “Straight Talk for Smart Business Women”, hosted by Cheryl Leitschuh. Nancy helps individuals maximize their personal power to create extraordinary lives. By removing key success blocks, she helps clients transform all areas of their lives- physical, emotional and financial. Her “8-Week Pain Turnaround” begins on Sept 29, 2016. For more information on how this program can help you turn your life around, click here.

transformational coach nancy Clairmont carr

Transformational Coach Nancy Clairmont Carr

Nancy’s three key business lessons include:

1. Being in alignment is the most critical element for success, joy and freedom.

2. Create a support team inside and outside your business.

3. Get up every day to learn more and serve more.

For a free consultation on how you can move forward to create your extraordinary life, contact Nancy at 612.385.3220 or Check out her website at

Transformational coach creates extraordinary lives